013105 – Talk of The Town and Inspiration of Mary Lou Quinlan

The Talk of The Town

We were truly the talk of the town at Tott’s Asian Diner located in Tempe on Guadalupe and McClintock. Originally, having plans to dine at C Fu, but Vivian Valenty said she had a bad food experience there. Yes, Vivian Valenty of VB Cosmetics joined Kim and Mike Buchheit, Joyce and Tony Spataro and myself, the chief eater Tery Spataro, for another exciting adventure in dining out for Daily Eats.

Tott’s Asian Diner is sparsely decorated don’t let the lack of decoration fool you. The portions as we all agreed are enormous and very tasty! Did I say large portions, which you can share? Healthy dining all the way no dreaded M.S.G. added to the cooking, only freshest high quality ingredients are used, vegetables are crispy. No greasy slick left behind after eating. The kitchen is open inviting an audience to view the cooking show. Willing to cook to order as Vivian instructed David, our dining host, that she could no long have salt. I had the Pad Thai noodles with traditional Pad Thai sauce. Did I share with anyone? No way!

Tott’s environment evoked pleasant dining conversation from business ventures, to hiking the Grand Canyon, to latest health issues. At the end of our dinner Young Troung, manager of Tott’s Asian Diner, greeted us with fortune cookies. We all had good fortune, but mom needed to get a better one so Mr. Troung was nice enough to let her have 2 more because 3 is a charm. We will be back to Tott’s.

Tott's Asian Diner with Kim, Mike, Tony, Joyce, Vivian

Inspiration of Mary Lou Quinlan

Instead of dessert we continued our evening to the Changing Hands Bookstore across the street from Tott’s. Mike Buchheit and Tony Spataro decided they would ditch us and go to the next door bar for a few beers. Too bad they missed an exhilarating discussion. What an exciting passionate heartfelt evening we had listening to Mary Lou Quinlan talking about her latest book, “Time Off For Good Behavior” ! Mary Lou Quinlan is a corporate super star, mentor, and model for today’s working women, spoke to a packed room at the Changing Hands Bookstore, so packed chairs were flowing out of the room. We can all resonate with her descriptions of the type A good girl, burn out, worker’s fatigue, and feeling as though your life is no longer your own. It’s that run away worker’s train that takes us further and further away from who we are and our purpose to this universe.

inspirational Mary Lou Quinlan

Sitting in the back row with Kim Buchheit, we could feel the swell of emotion as the audience nodded in agreement with Mary Lou. One young woman, almost in tears, lamented that she is the major income earner she would not be able to the time off she so desperately needed. She is the manager of a key supply chain for a top corporation in Arizona. We all paused in silence to feel the pain of the young woman. I know her pain; I was a corporate executive, business owner, Internet trailblazer and marketer in fast paced advertising world of New York City. Plane jumping was my specialty, I knew I was lost when I woke up early one morning and could not tell you which city I was in, who I was suppose to see, or most importantly who I was. At that point I thought I have to get out and that’s what did.

Mary Lou inspires you to take the plunge seek out passionate and pursue it with love. She encourages us to stop and take a good look at our lives and ask questions are we happy with who we are and ourselves? Do even truly know who we are outside of the work role we play each day? Mary Lou puts forth in Time Off For Good Behavior her own story and those stories of real women who struggle with determining when they can stop get off the roller coaster and take time to find themselves. Do check-in to the Time Off For Good Behavior Blog.

Mary Lou signing her book Time Off For Good Behavior for Kim Mary Lou discussing business life with Vivian

Three postscripts:

Visit the Grand Canyon and ask for Mike and Kim Buchheit. Incidentally, Mike is the field director and Kim Buchheit is an amazing graphic designer – I highly recommend.

VB Cosmetics are AWESOME! I love them! Hair, skin and body care products are to die for!

Changing Hands Bookstore is a true book lover’s treasure! February 14, 5-7pm Changing Hands is hosting an evening with Chocolate and Books! You can bet 70% cocoa I’ll be there!

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