Salt New York

Daily Eats began its fabulous beginings when Courtney Pulitzer and I would dine out, meet up for cocktails, lunch or breakfast. We would get together to talk about the usual stuff at the best places to eat in New York. While visiting New York we decided to have dinner at Salt on MacDougal Street. Salt–warm, friendly, family-style seating–opened its arms … Read More

Breakfast, Lunch, Cocktails with Friends

Good Morning Breakfast was in order at The Coffee Shop with Ellen Sragow. I love The Coffee Shop. You can always count you dining to be young future starlet or model. The food is great and kitsch interior is fun. It was great to meet Ellen there. I’ve known Ellen for over 18 years. She runs an impressive Gallery in … Read More

Great Eats and Dear Friends

After a full day of business meetings dropped by the New York Palace for coffee. It’s a $5 cup of coffee that doesn’t taste at all like a great cup of coffee. I was disappointed perhaps my disappointed was due to the fact Villard, my favorite place to hang out in Midtown, didn’t open until 5pm. 6:30pm I invited friends … Read More

New York My Kind of Town

After a long flight from Phoenix to New York I was back into the swing of the city. After being away for almost 6 months it was like riding a bike. I wanted to see all of my dear friends and looking to food, fun and culture. Tuesday evening I arrived in NYC my hometown. I met Karen at LeGamin … Read More

Pei Wei – Mesa

Pei Wei is an upscale Asian diner created by PF Chang’s. A hostess greets you in line, Jessica was there today, and while meandering through the line pursing the menu there is a beat to the dining room.A lot of questions came to mind while waiting for my order to be taken. How do they meter the line so that … Read More


It’s the ultimate compliment when you blog a blogger and about that blogger’s food interest. To be blogged, by the ultimate blogger of all, Ms. Courtney Pulitzer, who co-conspired with Mark Jeffrey creating an intriguing eatable brew, Popcorn Chowder. I had to call Courtney when I received a copy of her newsletter “Courtney Pulitzer’s Cyber Scene” and thank her for … Read More

To All You Chocolate Lover’s

Happy Valentine’s Day from Daily Eats!We know the true special meaning from a gift box of Valentine chocolates. This is ecstasy in a box! For Valentine’s Day my gift to you is my research on organic chocolate. I love chocolate not just any type of chocolate has to be rich dark creamy tasting chocolate. I did research on organic dark … Read More

Benjamin Christie, Australian Chef Consultant

Imagine the secrets of Bush Tucker cooking and a mixture of savory native Australian ingredients to tease you senses. Well, Chef Benjamin Christie brings those wonderful culinary delights from world downunder to us. Celebrated TV chef of Dining Downunder, Chef Benjamin tantalizes our tastes with Australian native foods, recipes, ingredients, cookbooks, and gives us his reviews of Australian restaurants, menu … Read More

Second Saturdays

Second Saturdays, started by Rachel and Bob Woodburn is a wonderful gathering of artistic spirited people. Last night despite the rain some 25 folks from Phoenix and the surrounding areas came out to Rachel and Bob’s Foothills estate for evening filled with creative discourse. The charming hosts, Rachel and Bob are both accomplished photographers with a depth and breath of … Read More

Ouch, I have a belly ache ;-(

Well, I hope it goes away so I can write something great about food. I will be attending a wonderful late afternoon gathering at Rachel Woodburn’s. Rachel started Second Saturdays in which she invites friends to her lovely home in Scottsdale. Sounds wonderful and I’m hoping I feel better enough to attend.