Pocket & Pendent Author Sips Chowder while discussing Plot with Ms Courtney Pulitzer

Whoa! Is that Mark Jeffrey, author of The Pocket and The Pendent, eating New England Clam “Chowdah” with the lovely Ms. Courtney Pulitzer? Mark’s not just eating NECC alone. There’s popcorn in that chowder. It seems some pesky yummy morsels of corn and butter where an unexpected addition compliments of Ms. Courtney. Popcorn Chowder, an amazing new culinary delight invented … Read More

Daily Eats at Mimis Cafe

I admit I am a fan of Mimis Cafe located on Chandler Boulevard in Chandler right off the 101. I’ve been there several times and most recently this afternoon for a business lunch with Vivian Valenty. Their big muffins are the best! And today was the beginning of fresh strawberry lemonade. Now who could resist that, I certainly could not, … Read More

Whole Foods Traffic Leads to Cheese Ecstasy

Whole Foods has been my designer choice for shopping therapy these days in Phoenix. I’ve been to several different Whole Foods across the US: Columbus Circle/Time Warner building and Chelsea New York, Chicago, LA, SF and Tempe, AZ. Not all of the Whole Foods have the same traffic pattern. Both New York Whole Foods are a disaster when it comes … Read More

Gastronomie – Culinary Adventures in SF and Beyond

You have to love food bloggers, we’re creative, witty and passionate. Gastronomie encompasses all of these fine traits. This blog takes you on wonderful culinary adventures from the beautiful city of San Francisco to the rest of the world, through bites of chocolate and sips of champagne. As the subtitle implies, you’ll discover, Gastronomie is more than just culinary adventure, … Read More

Food is Fuel

I was having a conversation with Perhi Colombatto the over day. Actually she called me from Hawaii the day it snowed there. Perhi and I have been friend since my grad school days at Pratt in NYC in 1986. She wanted to know what I was up to these days. That usually meant am I doing anything creative. Well, now … Read More

Super Bowl Sunday, a day of contest and day of great eating!

I can sure say Super Bowl Sundays are my favorite sports days. The game is great, commercials entertaining, and the food awesome. And today was a great day of victory for my favorite team, New England Patriots. Go Team! Favorite commercial goes to Career Builder! The monkeys were great. Most boring goes to Budweiser. We had enough with the animals. … Read More

Where’s the Beef from?

It was a lovely shopping therapy day. After shopping we needed our daily lunch and we searched for it like trying to find a needle in a haystack. First we looked for the Asian Diner I spotted one night driving home but couldn’t remember exactly where it was located. Then searched for the Mexican restaurant. Couldn’t find that either. So … Read More

My Florist and Phoenix First Fridays

My Florist It was a very busy First Fridays for Phoenix. And every restaurant in the gallery goers’ path knows it’s all about preparation and timing to satisfy patrons. I was eager to have a stellar evening with my posse of food critics. We arrived at My Florist around 7p.m. Contemporary style open space restaurant all the elements I love … Read More

Daily Eats: 98 South Wine Bar and Kitchen

Invited to dinner by the lovely Vivian Valenty, we chose 98 South Wine Bar and Kitchen as a place to relax and enjoy a friendly evening. 98, the year of Internet Enlightenment, no wonder I like the name of this new swanky restaurant and wine bar located in center of Chandler, AZ at 98 S. San Marcos Plaza. And I … Read More

The Great Cheesecake Debate

There are cheesecakes and than there is NY Style Cheesecake. NYPD Pizza boasts a NY Cheesecake. Great creamy smooth taste but not the consistency of a true NY Cheesecake, which is thick, thick and very thick and creamy. We all agreed the raspberry cheesecake at NYPD is still great. The Bota Bing Chocolate is very nice thick chocolate cake. Not … Read More