Kim Buchheit’s Spinach Soup and Nutty Orzo

To Eat Healthy is Divine! And this was never more true than when dining with the wonderful Kim and Mike Buchheit in their lovely home in the Grand Canyon. A rich, creamy spinachy flavor predominated–well, it is Spinach Soup! This was complimented by a dollop of sour cream and sharp parmesean cheese that was like the cherry in a Shirley … Read More

The Chickasaurus at Fred Flinstone’s Diner

We passed it on the way to the Grand Canyon, but Tery and I were not going to pass up the opportunity to visit Bedrock City on our way back down to Phoenix. On a lonely strip of Route 64, Bedrock City is located across from a Gas Station that charged the outstanding rate of $2.89/gallon. Zoinks! After filling up … Read More

Green Eggs and…

Top ‘O the Mornin’ to ya, laddies and lassies!We (that’s me, Courtney, Teddy and Milkdud) enjoyed Green Eggs this morning. No ham in the fridge, so we had to skip that element of the famous dish created by Dr. Seuss. Green Eggs are good; but methinks the chef–that would be me–added a wee bit too much green food coloring to … Read More

Esther Dyson – Serious Food for Thinkers!

Jane Larson wrote a very compelling article in this past Sunday’s Arizona Republic on front-page (041005) illustrating why Arizona is losing ground in technology . Jane nails it nicely by listing the critical points of how a sector grows and provides insight in how to make it happen. It really is all about making those relationships and connecting to the … Read More

Mayor Phil Gordon – Creating the City of the Future

March 18, 2005 Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Lunch, Mayor Phil Gordon State of the City Address – It was a lovely Friday lunch with Mayor Phil Gordon and about 800 guests at the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix. I sat at table 40 along with attractive and well dressed Joanne Fried, from Uhaul, Richard Wherty, RC Wherty Construction, who has great … Read More