28 Grand Later

For those of us who are consumed by food and fascinated by religion, these have been heady times. Barely a week goes by without a fairly remarkable — and sometimes profitable — sighting of Jesus or the Virgin Mary at the breakfast table. Mind you, never are they spotted with knife and fork in hand waiting to be served, but … Read More

Daily Eats New Blogger Bud Lavery

Bud Lavery joins Daily Eats from Manhattan, and will be blogging about Visions of Food. Both his creative and visual genius will lend to itself to very clever postings on his ideal love of food. Bud say’s “My skills in the kitchen leave much to be desired, but I survive. I can make tunafish sandwiches, a decent turkey burger, a … Read More


…and we, ladies, all wished for a date with David Hasselhoff.It was a star-studded evening marking the 25 Anniversary of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona. All the glamorous and beautiful people attended the elegant festivities held at the Phoenician in Scottsdale, AZ. Pat McMahon was the master of ceremonies and David Hasselhoff the man of the evening. Mr. Hasselhoff was … Read More

Better Than Prozac – Douglas Adams

My homage to Douglas Adams, a true food lover, took place last night in the dark…theatre in Gilbert, Arizona, which incidentally is the other side of the universe. Finding the Gilbert Stadium Cinemas, cleverly hidden way in the back of the Gilbert Town Square, far down a long dark road, nestled in the nook between two popular stores, was like … Read More

Cupcakes with Courtney

Hello! I’m not feeling that inspired right now, so I’ll just give you the down-and-dirty-lowdown. The Date: Saturday, May 21, 2005 The Time: 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM The Place: Courtney Pulitzer’s charming apartment (if I may say so myself!) The Why: Celebrating Good Friends and A Great Year! The Goodies: ~ Mini chocolate cupcakes~ Cookies: Nutter Butters, Newman’s Mint … Read More

AMA Phx – And The Winner is… SRP again!

It was a lovely dressy, but not “New York dressy” evening at the AMA Phoenix Spectrum Awards 2005, hosted at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix. “Who’s Who” of marketing from Arizona gathered for a silent action benefiting STARS, sit-down dinner, and the awards ceremony. Barry Kluger, the master of ceremony for the evening, invited me because his wife, Hope, was tied … Read More

Food Fun & Blogger’s Blog Food

This past week Daily Eats made rounds around Greater Phoenix area. I attended cheerful parties, networking events, Greater Phoenix Democrat BBQs and a farewell to Enterprise with a pizza party. May 10, Tuesday, I attended the 99AZ-networking event hosted at the lovely 6 Lounge and Restaurant in Scottsdale. Roughly 50 people attended from a wide variety of industries each hoping … Read More

Daily Eats Food News: Slow Food Movement

The Slow Food Movement is growing strong and we all should be supportive. Began in 1985, by Carlo Petrini out of disgust for the McDonald’s opening a fast food restaurant at the foot of the Spanish Steps. Carlo and friends in protest set up a simple table outside the burger bar and laid it with wine, cheese, hams, bread and … Read More

Daily Eats Review: Citybakery Arcadia Farms Phoenix

First impressions last the longest…My impression of Citybakery will last a lifetime. A week ago in my email box, among 100’s of emails, spam, personal and business emails I received a very pleasant invite from the Bentley Gallery to welcome Arcadia Farms’ new Citybakery to Bentley Projects. The invite read “stop by on Wednesday May 11 for trial run/free lunch.” … Read More

Eating Concrete

So so results with my first try, but I was undaunted. “Laugh at me if you will,” I muttered to myself, thumbing through the pages of Carlean’s book, “I will indeed create something that I will enjoy eating!” There, on the very same page, a seemingly inviting recipe, “Golden Chicken and Mushrooms.” 4 to 6 chicken breast halves1 large onion, … Read More