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How much junk food? District looks for answer, by Heather Woodward“How much candy, soda and other junk food should be allowed at high schools drew sharp comments from parents, students and doctors at an Olympia School Board meeting Monday.”Detroit Ponders Taxing Fast Food to Shrink Budget Deficit – USAgNet“In an effort to curb a possible $300 million budget deficit, Detroit, … Read More

Festive Dedication of Renovated Historic Phoenix Building

Barry Kluger extended an invite to me for the dedication of Larry Lazarus’ restored historic 1921 building on 420 West Roosevelt Street in Phoenix. I was appreciative of Barry giving me the chase to get back into the swing of life and meet the people of Phoenix. At late I’ve been taking care of my mother, who suffers from both … Read More

Lunch with Barry Kluger

Courtney made an email introduction to Barry Kluger for me, the newly appointed co-chair of Arizona’s Governors Commission on Film and Television, brilliant PR maven, serves on the board of ADL, and featured writer for column in Arizona Woman called “Life { Male Call”. Barry kindly invited me out to lunch at the Orange Table, a lovely eatery located in … Read More

Daily Eats Reviews Durant’s

You walk into Durant’s through the kitchen. It’s buzzing with excitement as lunches are being prepared for the business crowd. From the hussling of kitchen business, you walk into the dimly lit dining room, no windows to speak of. Picture this an old time speakeasy, red walls dark furniture with Mafia undertones, very smokey, glamorous blondes dressed in Chanel suits … Read More

Swedish Meatballs, yah

I don’t know about you, but dining with a Frenchman in a Swedish restaurant is right up my alley on Cinco de Mayo! And, I’m not an expert, but I do know a good meatball when I taste one. And the Swedish Meatballs at Smorgas Chef were “not-too-shabby.” L’interieur du restaurant was classically Scandinavian–sparse, clean, bright. Blond woods, steel fixtures, … Read More

Six Ingredients or Less

First I forgot to give you the link for those crockpot reviews, so here it is: http://slate.msn.com/id/2113226 Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter, or shall we say, the food. Crock pot kept saying “Feed me Seymore, FEED ME!” (Little Shop of Horrors”) so I had to get going! Very important recipe criterion: simplicity. Minimal pre-preparation, little slice … Read More

Food in the News: Finger Food ick!

I just can’t help myself. Ick to the finger found in the custard, double ick to the hoax about the finger found in Wendy’s. Finger food: the case of the custard A man in North Carolina found a finger in a container of gourmet ice cream from Kohl’s Frozen Custard in Wilmington, North Carolina. Customer Clarence Stowers discovered the digit … Read More

Cooking for Lazy Gadget Phreaks

Problem: You’re a 40 plus year old man who’s done little more than scramble an egg, and you’re getting royally sick of fully cooked chickens cut into quarters and two slices of cheese pizza from the local joint. Cooking? Hmm. Seems kind of labor intensive, plus there’s the fear of knives and too many ingredients. The answer came in a … Read More

Love Sloooow Cooking?

Daily Eats is proud to present CrockPotter, a passionate journey on the joys of slooooow cooking by a passionate sexy Palestine Jew, who is truly a living peace process. CrockPotter shares with us his secret delights in crockpot cooking while he liberates us from the chains cooking by phone numbers.Enjoy his first tasty entry:“Cooking for Lazy Gadget Phreaks”.

Daily Eats review: Elle, Country Wine Restaurant, Tucson, AZ

My brother, Tom, was on business in Tucson from Massachusetts so we decided to drive from Phoenix to meet him on Sunday for lunch. Not knowing Tucson very well I contacted a blogger friend, Michael Bryon, who recommended Cafe Poca Cosa. All excited I called Cafe Poca Cosa, but they are closed on Sundays. So opted for Claim Jumper, only … Read More