Tea Time with Moby & Kelly Tisdale

Moby and Teany partner, Kelly Tisdale team-up to write Teany Book. In Teany Book, Moby and Kelly distill Teany into an idiosyncratic yet functional gift book. In the fine pages of this lovely and handsome fine art piece is Teany’s special lavender iced tea recipe and lessons on creating nosh-worthy vegan lunches that even carnivores will enjoy, while also functioning … Read More

Curing Bacon

My friend Lucy calls bacon “The Food of The Gods” and who can argue? No other food product even comes close. Even many of my friends who grew up in Kosher homes have confessed a consuming passion for bacon. But while the taste has generated adoring fans, the combination of fat, sodium and nitrites have not been as universally loved. … Read More

Herbal Remedy

Having a black thumb has always limited my ability to grow anything green in my apartment (unless, of course, you count the transmogrified leftovers in my fridge). I’ve even managed to kill aloe plants, which require about as much encouragement as weeds. For people like me, hope is on the way. Wishingfish, an online resource for cool products, introduces Gardens-in-a-Bag, … Read More

I Scream

Responding to the desperate appeals of a customer in “mental turmoil,” the ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s just announced its newest creation — not a flavor, but its new “Pint Lock.” “He was so afraid that his roommates would eat his pint…he couldn’t concentrate at work!” Although the B&J fan proposed bulletproof containers with a padlock, the famed Vermont … Read More

Stonyfield Farm blog for Strong Women

Stonyfield connects us with our dairy farmers. This wonderful blog gives women great information on fitness, health and coping with stress.I love this blog! I especially love the little cows.