Brooklyn, NY: Dinner, Tivo and Threshold

Part One: So far Threshold is very cool. I like the jokes and love Brent Spiner. We dined on a very special dinner: eggplant, peppers, tomatoe sauce, onions and garlic and Italian bread for dipping, true Greek speciality made by a true Greek. TV Squad: Of all the sci-fi shows premiering this fall (Invasion, Supernatural, Surface), the one I’m most … Read More

NY Lunch: Harvest Is In!

If you have trouble viewing this video, click here to download it. To quote Doug Stone, CEO of Abstract Edge, “The Harvest is in! You have see those big beefy tomatoes at the Union Square Farmer’s Market!” After our delicious lunch at the Antique Garage I walked straight over there. Restaurant mentioned:Antique GarageMediterranean/Turkish41 Mercer StNew York, NY 10013(212) 219-1019

New York: New York My Favorite Place to Eat

I can’t believe how great it feels to be home! Yes, New York is my home no matter where I am. New York in my opinion has the best eats in the WORLD. I no sooner landed and off I am on an eating adventure and meeting up with friends. Sunday, I spent the day with Courtney. We began brunch … Read More

Brooklyn, NY: Last Remaining Dutch Farmhouse

Maria Lott Lefferts is reputed to have cooked up some of the tastiest Apees in all of old Brooklyn. These wafer type cookies flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, mace, caraway and rosewater will be the first things cooked in the beehive oven that is part of the new Outdoor Kitchen Exhibit at the Lefferts Historic House. Constructed in the style of … Read More

Phoenix: Dim Sum at Golden Buddha

Despite the Phoenix heat, I spent a lovely afternoon with my mother at the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix. There are several interesting places to shop: if you need herbs there is a herbalist, to the 99 Ranch Market, to variety stores selling delights from China. All set behind the $3 million the Gardens compliments of COFCO, who imported the … Read More

LA Dinner with Andre Bormanis, CBS: Threshold

I met Andre Bormanis, Phoenix native son, for dinner at Lucy’s El Adobe Cafe. This is a quiet little hole in the wall where you can enjoy real home style Mexican cooking. Lucy’s is not shy of Hollywood types located directly across from Paramount Studios. It is the perfect place for stargazing. As Andre said, “Lucy’s is run by one … Read More

Looking for a Recipe?

I’m pleased to be the newest contributor to Daily Eats – thank you for welcoming me! I’ve spent some time going through the past few months of entries, and it looks like it’s been awhile since there was a recipe posted. Last one looks like Tery’s black bean recipe from the beginning of July, which we’ll definitely be trying. I … Read More

Daily Eats: Adds New Food Blogger

Daily Eats is delighted to add Sweetnicks to our food lover’s blog! She will dazzle us with her food love and knowledge. Accomplished at multi-tasking, she wrangles a love of food, takes care of her lovely adorable little boy, two cats, two dogs, renovations to home in New Jersey and of course the Husband. She’ll bring a smile to our … Read More

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Phoenix: Grilling and Barbecue

If you have trouble viewing this video, click here to download it.For most of the Country Labor Day weekend marks the last few days of outdoor grilling and barbecue. That’s not the case here in Arizona where grilling outdoors is a big part of the dining experience. My parents broke down and bought a Char-Broil grill. Now, they’ve been grilling … Read More