Meriwether’s Annual Holiday Luncheon

Without breaking tradition, Mr. George D. O’Neill treated his employees and brother Grover (Bill) O’Neill, Jr. to our annual holiday luncheon. Just upstairs from our office on the 54th floor of the famed 30 Rockefeller Plaza building to the equally famed Rainbow Room on the 65th floor, it was a short elevator ride up to the glamour that’s dazzled the … Read More

Lentil Soup @ Triomphe Restaurant

While waiting for my guests to arrive at the December “Cocktails with Courtney” soiree (December 18, 2006), I had myself a bowl of delicious lentil soup! This was so good. It was not the typical, heavy, lentil-laden soup. No, no! This was a light, chicken-brothy soup with equal parts lentils, chicken, spinach and broth-soaked croutons! C’est delicieux!

Healthy Holiday Lunch Recipe

Here’s another of my favorite recipes:The Most Tantalizing Black Beans, Brown Rice, & Greens(Makes 6 servings)28-oz can Goya Black BeansI tried this recipe with many different types of black bean brands, but found Goya does taste thebest. But if you’re really ambition and want to buy dried beans. Soaking is very important. Soak for at least a day. You’ll fine … Read More

Congratulations to YOU!

Time Person of the Year is YOU! Wow!Daily Eats was so happy for YOU we baked a cake. tags:The Time Person of the Year, Daily Eats

Healthy Holiday Breakfast Recipe

Tery‘s Fast & Easy HeartyOatmeal Holiday Breakfast(1 serving)1/2 cup 1 minute Quaker Oats (follow the directions)1 tablespoon Raisins1 tablespoon Crushed Walnuts1 teaspoon Honey There’s something to the first meal of the day. I try hard not to missbreakfast. I am usually running for something and only have minutes to make something good to eat in the morning. This mixture only … Read More

Daily Eats Holiday Tradtion with Dear Friends

I spent the is evening with Kim, Mike, Lu, Rachael and Bob. We all talked about our favorite holiday traditions. There are some very funny and very touching holiday traditions.Have a listen: tags: Daily Eats Holiday Traditions, Daily Eats

What’s Your Favorite Daily Eats?

Allan Sabo and Carmela Tafoya talk about their favorite Daily Eats while we enjoy the online casino bonus like atmosphere of the Sandbar in Scottsdale. I’ll be so glad when there is no smoking in restaurants and bars throughout Arizona. Have a listen: tags: Allan Sabo, Carmela Tafoya, Daily Eats, Sandbar.

Aliza Sherman Risdahl’s Holiday Tradition

Contining with Daily Eats Holiday Traditions an interview with Aliza Sherman who talks about developing a holiday tradition. Have a listen: In the second half of this interview with Aliza Sherman, she talks about collecting special christmas tree ornaments and creating a special holiday dinner that will become her family’s very special holiday tradition. Aliza is a huge fan of … Read More

Great Stocking Stuffers and Gifts Ideas from Daily Eats

It’s that special time a year again.Why not make this a special year for the food lover in your life. Daily Eats has great stocking stuffers and grab bag gifts at reasonable prices.Give your favorite honey a Daily Eats Thong. Only $9.99 This is a mug foodies will love. The Daily Eats Mug, Only $12.99 For the chef in your … Read More

Courtney Pulitzer’s Holiday Tradition

Special Daily Eats with Courtney Pulitzer talks about her favorite holiday tradition. At the beginning of the New Year Courtney makes Hopping John. It’s delicious. Lovely internet Diva, Courtney is the founder of The CyberScene and Cocktails with Courtney. Here’s a recipe for Hopping John Black Eye Peas from Have a listen: tags: Courtney Pulitzer, Cocktails with Courtney, The … Read More