Introducing Carmela Tafoya

Carmela Tafoya, Attraction CoachingDaily Eats is excited to kick off the new year with a new blogger. Introducing Carmela Tafoya! Carmela started her career as a personal trainer with a record 17-year of achievements. Her clients range from new mom’s to CEO’s, children to celebrities, seniors to pro athletes all who sustain into the fabric of their lives her foundational, fundamental fitness and quality of life program. In 2007 Carmela will work more exclusively with children via webcam…and only do private consulting on a limited basis.

Tafoya’s thinking is what has her stand out in her work with clients across the nation. In her program “The MOST RESULTS Workout™”, clients first participate in a webcam workshop then are followed and guided by 12 weeks of follow-up including from Carmela herself!!! Unprecedented! Clients receive phone calls, text messages, faxes and of course emails checking on them and making sure they are doing their homework…called “Conscience Calls”. This “GENTLE NUDGING”, insures a 90% success rate in clients reaching their visible “result in the mirror and in life” goals.

Close your eyes for a moment and think about your favorite teacher in school…the one who made you smile, feel great about yourself that you truly enjoyed! Now imagine Carmela as that same kind of teacher. One who teaches good exercise and nutrition practices beyond the average. Practice is the key word here…doctors do it, athletes do it, even moms teach kids to develop practices. Remember learning to brush our teeth…over and over being told and shown. What would health be like if all health professionals actually called and make sure the patients were following orders?

Common responses Carmela hears from her clients include: “I’ve lost two clothes sizes in two months! I’m sleeping like a baby and waking up fully rested! I feel stronger mentally and physically! I’ve found something so doable! My joints feel like a million bucks! I can honestly say I’m sticking to it the rest of my life!”

She developed Kids-ARE-Fit and HEALTHY™, a fitness and exercise workshop for children and their parents, and also founded the non-profit group Positive Moves, Inc., dedicated to improving the lives of people living with special health issues including HIV, diabetes, cancer and incontinence.

Carmela is now teaching others around the U.S. and in Australia to be instructors in her MOST RESULTS™ Workout methods. Carmela mission: “Bringing professional exercise instruction to everyone, not just the stars, for 1/3 of what it costs to hire a trainer!” Call her at 312-545-9000 or email:!!!


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