What is Italian Ice?

I spent the afternoon at Teri’s Italian Ice learning all about Italian Ice. It’s always great to meet a fellow Easterner. Thanks Lori for the great suggestion and the delicious treat! Have a listen and learn. Have a listen: tags: gabcast, Teri’s Italian Ice, Ahwatukee, Daily Eats, gelato, gelati, ice cream, Teri and Gordon Ponticello

Daily Eats: Live from C4

C4 is in beautiful Cave Creek, AZ right on Cave Creek Road. C4 was my Ignite meeting office for the past several months, where Landon I conducted business. I got to know Alex, works at C4 and has a wonderful French accent. His wife is an amazing pastry chef. I’m looking forward to the bakery opening.Have a Listen: tags: gabcast, … Read More

Phoenix Daily Eats: Live from Lisa G Cafe and Wine Bar

Lisa G certainly puts together a beautiful place. This downtown wine bar is glamorous and the food and wine delightful. Lisa G gives us an interview. A great place for lunch and dinner and a very hot first date spot. Located: 2337 North 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85006, phone: 602.253.9201. tags: Lisa G Cafe and Wine Bar, Daily Eats, Tery … Read More

Daily Eats: It’s not just about Mahjong

It’s not how you play mahjong, it’s how you do the mahjong party. Mahjong has become more than playing the game it’s about socializing. This evening Daily Eats is invited to the Triology Mahjong Club in Gilbert, AZ where Broomers play hard and party harder.

Daily Eats: Luke Johnson Phone Experiment: Luke on Jello

Luke Johnson is brilliant. He used social media to create the Luke Johnson Phone Experiment. Between the many phone calls Luke got while Daily Eats was interviewing him he got a call from some folks in Canada who wanted to discuss Jello. Please call Luke and ask him what his favorite Daily Eats is, 602-435-3694 and him yours.


Recently at home, enfolded lovingly in the arms of friends and family, haunting familiar streets, watering holes and establishments of bread-breaking filled with the faces of my past I fell in love. My love has always been there, waiting quietly, in an unassuming way for that comfortable familiarity to blossom, into the warming glow of love. My love is a … Read More

Luke Johnson Phone Experiment: Live between Bites

Luke Johnson wants you to call him! 602-435-3694! Tell him your favorite Daily Eats. Luke Johnson, managed to talk to Daily Eats between phone calls live and in person about his phone experiment. He does eat while taking calls from people all over the world. His favorite Daily Eats is spaghetti made by Annie. Have a listen: the luke johnson … Read More

A Sweet House Good Enough to Eat!

A Daily Eats first! Meet Brooke Greenstein, Food Architect. When Brooke sent me photos of the Gingerbread House she and her friend Sarah created I was totally delighted by the decoration, detail, and design. I had the pleasure of interviewing Brooke through email.I asked: DE: Why a gingerbread house?Brooke: I don’t know why a gingerbread house. I guess because it … Read More

Daily Eats at Wondee Siam II

Daily Eats Wondee Siam II video by Courtney Pulitzer. This video by Courtney Pulitzer, has a lot of spice and flavor! Enjoy the cast of characters. tags: Courtney Pulitzer, Wondee Siam II, Daily Eats, Ellen Sragow, Greg Masters, Tanya Vajk, Petra Kopf, Renee Edelman, Danielle Cyr, Tery Spataro