A Good Omen

When my good friend Anna decided on Sushi for dinner I knew one of two places I wanted to take her. The first restaurant we chanced upon (the first choice) was where we stayed. This was a good omen indeed because not only was the food exquisite, as the NY Citysearch reviews show too, but we got to oogle Richard Gere who was dining with some companions (wife, child, another man). Oh my!

Okay. I’ve settled down now. The food was, as I said, excellent. Anna ordered one of the “garden” dishes, which was sashimi in a separate square dish with sticky rice in a separate dish that broke off easily, so she could make it “sushi” instead.

I opted for the straight sashimi and devoured it. We also shared some pickled vegetables and edemame as appetizers, which also were flavorful in their natural flavors. We joked, “no spicy mayo needed here!” Even if you don’t see Richard Gere, Omen is a great place to eat true, authentic and delicious Japanese food.

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