A Tour of Donna Atwood’s Magnificant Studio

“Come meet, mingle, and enjoy a fun evening surrounded by incredible women.” Read the email forwarded from Joanne Fried written by Sandy Schimmel Gold. Sandy, an artist and also Director of St. Mary’s Food Bank, said Connections, a Quarterly Gathering of Interesting Women was started by Lucy Bradley, a master gardener. I was intrigued being both an art lover and social butterfly what a perfect setting to meet fabulous people.

I drove to downtown Phoenix with chocolate covered macaroon’s in tow. Can’t resist chocolate! After a half-hour of being lost in Phoenix, still new to town and getting use to the streets, I found Donna Atwood’s beautiful home and studio. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful spread in which chocolate covered macaroons where well received.

Donna’s exquisitely detailed illustrations are a truly eye pleasing. She’s an accomplished artist who received award from Arizona Book Publishing Association for BEST FIRST BOOK BY A NEW PUBLISHER “Sonoran Desert A to Z”. I enjoyed the tour of her lovely studio and a closer look at her art.

I enjoyed meeting several other artists, designers, and marketing folks. I felt at home even though I was a new comer the Connections gathering. This was truly a stellar evening I look forward to the next event.

Living in Phoenix this time around so far is a pleasure!

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