A Week of Daily Eats, Welcome Chef Anaya!

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I’ve been out and about dining all over the Greater Phoenix Area. I did a lot of eating out last week.

I started the week off with meeting Whitney Smith at Medizona in Scottsdale a favorite of mine. About a year ago I took Susan Hart to Medizona another Bay Area friend.

Wednesday I had lunch at 98 South in San Marcos Plaza Chandler, AZ with Deanna Lawrence. 98 South made some pleasing interior design changes. After lunch with I headed over to Devlin’s Market Place and had a nice pleasant surprise. They have a great collection of South African wines. Tonya, the owner is great. I’m going to setup a time to do a podcast from Devlin’s Market Place.

Thursday I lunched at the Farmhouse in Gilbert, AZ with Shannon Doughtery for some real country cooking.

Thursday evening Vivian Valenty and I had cocktails at the Shahpar Shahpar’s Biltmore Networking Group Donovan’s in Phoenix. Donovan’s looks like a nice steakhouse. After the networking party Vivian and I headed over to Tarbell’s. I was immediately impressed by the décor, love modern interiors, and the art collection is very sophisticated. Vivian and I split two entrees. The red snapper special was delicious and the vegetable plate very tasty. By the way the produce Trabell’s cooks with is locally organically grown. I long for more restaurants to have the same philosophy about eating!

I kicked this week off with a meetingat Lux for coffee and conversation.

This afternoon I spent with Chef Helen Anaya, if you recall a couple of weeks ago gave Daily Eats a great interview on gourmet Mexican cooking. Great news is Chef Anaya is going to join us at Daily Eats and talk about a wide variety of food topics. We’re very excited to have her with us! She served up vegan chili which was really yummy and homemade pizza with fresh basal and peppers which was light and very tasty! Welcome Chef Anaya!

I just got my order of Daily Eats gear! Look out for the Daily Eats fashion show!

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