After Christmas and Eating Pet Food

I hope everyone had a jolly happy hohoho! I know have to do a couple of extra miles after eating all of mom’s cookies. They were delicious. I did head south to Tucson for intimate Cocktails with Courtney and was delighted to see Nick Boris and meet the lovely Elizabeth. We learned a few terms of endearment for Nick while in between the bites of humus, crackers and grapes.

Later that evening we dined at Primo. Courtney has the exclusive on that one.

I just finished going through my emails along with the wonderful greetings for the holidays and new year’s resolutions and I found Ideal Bite’s email newsletter. Today, the lovely ladies at Ideal Bite brought to my attention “pet food fit for human consumption“, sounds apPETizing, huh? After reading the article I thought wow, I’m so glad things are going green and some pets will have an even healthier life. Thanks Ideal Bite

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