ballpark food: Miller Park and Racing Sausages

Miller Park is the beautiful modern home of the Milwaukee Brewers. It also features uniquely Midwestern delicacies not found anywhere else. Let’s take a short tour:


Would you like some Kettle Corn? Here, it rates its own stand.


But really, it’s all about the sausages. Here are some brats, cooking up for a ravenous crowd.


What’s that you say? You don’t like brats? How about an Italian sausage? A Polish sausage? A Kosher hot dog? Well, barring that, there are always the Fried Cheese Curds! (click through to the big image for the full effect)


In Milwaukee, the sausages aren’t just to eat. Here’s a shot of the world-famous Sausage Race. Looks like the Polish is taking the lead, and Chorizo has fallen behind.

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