Boulder Coffee vs Tea

I love both coffee and tea. For me it all about the taste. Boulder is really big on both coffee and tea.  Boulder enjoys both coffee and tea houses equally. I find the tea is better than the coffee. My European heritage has lend me down a path of dark rich coffee that is highly acidic. Enough jolt to keep you up for days. And those were the days for me, all through undergrad I consumed lots of coffee. Back than I was so selective, but after my exposure to Europe’s French coffee it’s been hard.

What do you know history repeats itself but not in terms of coffee. I replaced dozen of cups of coffee with tea. Too much tea with tannins causes an issue with my stomach. My favorite place for tea.

Erica OGrady Chris Hough at Atlas PurveyorsOf course there is Celestial Seasonings, which is a 20 year favorite of mine. I went to visit this famous tea brand. Celestial Seasonings has a great tour that’s not to be missed.

My favorite tea bar is Atlas Purveyors – a very popular place to hang out especially with the Boulder tech community.

The Dushanbe Tea House which I mentioned once before, offers a variety of teas, serves lunch and dinner. They actually bring a tea menu. I love the lady earl grey.

At all there places you can get your tea with milk, soy, rice and in some cases almond milk.

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