Breakfast After Cinco de Mayo

Spring has finally sprung because my allergies are in full bloom today. Ordinarily I would podcast, but you would not be able to understand me with my nose so stuffed up.

I had some ingredients left over from last night’s Cinco de Mayo dinner:
Organic guacamole
Organic cilantro
Newman’s Medium Chunky Salsa
Tery’s tantalizing black beans
Low fat sour cream
Mission Carb Balance Tortillas
Horizon Organic Monterey Jack Cheese
Added 2 Mainland Organic Valley Large Brown Eggs.

And then I whipped up breakfast.
I fried the eggs in teaspoon of olive oil.
Boiled the black beans down to a more creamery consistency and added a half of teaspoon of Jack Cheese and cilantro.

Built the foundation with tortilla, next the 2 fried eggs dash of sea salt and pepper, thin layer of salsa, black beans, then another layer of salsa topped with guacamole and ½ of teaspoon of sour cream.

Organic Guacamole recipe: 1 Organic Haas avocado properly mashed, organic garlic finely diced, finely chopped cilantro, table spoon of fresh organic lime juice, sea salt to taste.

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