Breakfast, Lunch, Cocktails with Friends

Good Morning Breakfast was in order at The Coffee Shop with Ellen Sragow. I love The Coffee Shop. You can always count you dining to be young future starlet or model. The food is great and kitsch interior is fun. It was great to meet Ellen there. I’ve known Ellen for over 18 years. She runs an impressive Gallery in New York, Sragow Gallery She known for her stellar taste in art and predicting art movements. Ellen launched 1930-40’s collections which made those artist legendary. I was introduced through Ellen the creme ala creme in art industry.

Ellen Sragow at Coffee Shop

An afternoon in Time Square visiting the Hershey’s Store. When I was a kid my first introduction to chocolate was through Hershey’s. Every year for Halloween I was devise my plan to score my favorite Hersey’s chocolate Special Dark. My plan included trading other types of candy with my brothers Tony and Tom for Special Dark. I would hoard those Special Darks for as long as I could.

In the heart of Times Square is a tribute to Hershey’s in the form of a The Hershey’s Store. I walked in with a child like smile on my face and eyes wide looking for Special Dark. Steve, who gave me a quick tour for the interior, greeted me. I told Steve I blog for Daily Eats and wanted to take photos of the interior of Hersey’s Store for tribute to my childhood introduction to chocolate. Steve said he had to ask he store manager. After a couple of minutes he came back with somewhat disappointing news that I couldn’t take photos as a constellation he gave me a handful of Special Darks.

Hersheys Store Times Square

I met up for lunch with David Dunne in Times Square. We dined at Cafe Un Deux Trois. I have fond memories of dining there on a regular basis when I first worked in Times in my first job in the interest back in 1994. David and I talked at length about blogging and exchanged tips on blogging information. Lunch for great and very interesting with David. After seeing David I met up briefly with Renee Edelman. It was great to see Renee, who will be visiting Phoenix in a couple of weeks.

Later that evening I was joined Courtney Pulitzer, Petra Kopt, and Vivian Valenty for a lovely evening with Mary Lou Quilin at the Westin in Times Square. It was a wonderful event in which Mary Lou spoke to over 200 people about the benefits of taking a break for intense work schedules and promoting her leading selling book, “Time Off For Good Behavior”.

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