Kim Buchheit’s Spinach Soup and Nutty Orzo

To Eat Healthy is Divine! And this was never more true than when dining with the wonderful Kim and Mike Buchheit in their lovely home in the Grand Canyon. A rich, creamy spinachy flavor predominated–well, it is Spinach Soup! This was complimented by a dollop of sour cream and sharp parmesean cheese that was like the cherry in a Shirley … Read More

The Chickasaurus at Fred Flinstone’s Diner

We passed it on the way to the Grand Canyon, but Tery and I were not going to pass up the opportunity to visit Bedrock City on our way back down to Phoenix. On a lonely strip of Route 64, Bedrock City is located across from a Gas Station that charged the outstanding rate of $2.89/gallon. Zoinks! After filling up … Read More

Daily Eats: Tery’s Tasty Quickie Classy Turkey on Corn Tortillas

It will take you about 5-7 minutes to prepare. Here it is fast and easy:Use Mission Foods soft corn tortillasThin sliced turkey breastKraft Shredded Mozzarella Cheese Layer the turkey first on the corn tortilla and sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top. Put into the microwave for 1 minute or until the cheese is melted to your satisfaction. Add chopped green leaf … Read More


Well, Curry-in-a-Hurry certainly delivers on its name, when you dine in! I tried my favorite dish–palek paneer–on Tuesday, February 22nd at this no-fuss, no-nonsense eat-in or take-out restaurant on the corner of Lexington and 28th Street. The counter-boys also convinced me to try two chicken kebobs. Well this little meal comes with a all-you-can-eat salad and all-you-can-muster chutney bar for … Read More

New York My Kind of Town

After a long flight from Phoenix to New York I was back into the swing of the city. After being away for almost 6 months it was like riding a bike. I wanted to see all of my dear friends and looking to food, fun and culture. Tuesday evening I arrived in NYC my hometown. I met Karen at LeGamin … Read More

Gastronomie – Culinary Adventures in SF and Beyond

You have to love food bloggers, we’re creative, witty and passionate. Gastronomie encompasses all of these fine traits. This blog takes you on wonderful culinary adventures from the beautiful city of San Francisco to the rest of the world, through bites of chocolate and sips of champagne. As the subtitle implies, you’ll discover, Gastronomie is more than just culinary adventure, … Read More

French Dining at Christopher’s

There’s nothing like a great conversation over excellent cuisine. I was invited by Dr. Robert Levit to dine with him at Christopher’s Fermier Brasserie. Dr. Levit is deciding to move from New York City where every kind of Food is at your fingertips to Phoenix where you are more than an arm length away. He choice Christopher’s and I am … Read More