daily eats breakfast..with Michelle, Tery, and Porscha.

The other day..we went to michaels for breakfast. I ordered the french toast. Man were the peices of toast huge. Tery just had the grnola cereal with furit and yogurt. And terys friend, Michelle had almost the same but she didnt have the yogurt with it. The food was incredible, but so was the check….lol..almost a hundred dollar breakfast..what a … Read More

Aliza Sherman on Alaskan Dining

Aliza Sherman gives Daily Eats tips on Alaskan Dining while dining at the Food Bloggers Dinner in Chicago. It was to meetup with Aliza while she was at the Blogher07 conference. Tags: Aliza Sherman, blogher07, food bloggers, Alaskan Dining

ballpark food: Miller Park and Racing Sausages

Miller Park is the beautiful modern home of the Milwaukee Brewers. It also features uniquely Midwestern delicacies not found anywhere else. Let’s take a short tour: Would you like some Kettle Corn? Here, it rates its own stand. But really, it’s all about the sausages. Here are some brats, cooking up for a ravenous crowd. What’s that you say? You … Read More

ballpark food: Wrigley Field & Chicago Dogs

Don’t eat it. No, seriously. I was warned by my boyfriend, who went to school in Chicago, that the food at Wrigley is terrible, that people go to the McDonald’s across the street and bring that food into the game. I ignored this, and decided instead to follow the suggestion of a Wrigley Field usher, who recommended the Italian beef … Read More

Le Bonne Soupe

On tues Tery and I went to a french restaurant called Le Bonne Soupe. The bread was delicious, fries were awsome,Tery ordered the La Florentine with Spinach, mushrooms and béchamel and I ordered the All American Cheddar Cheeseburger, Served on French brioche with lettuce, tomato and onions it was huge couldnt even finish one half of it!!

Tour New York Eats with Porscha

It’s been a full week of touring New York with Porscha. It’s fun seeing food through the eyes of a teenager. Yesterday we went to the Vynl Diner. I love this place it’s a Hell’s Kitchen classic. Though little noisy the food is fabulous.I have to claim my blog again for technorati:Technorati Profile

July 31 For dinner tery and I went to vice versa , terys favorite Italian restaurant. We were greeted by the owner himself who owns three restaurants all over. Tery ordered a salad and also raviolis and I ordered the salmon which came with mashed potatoes, spinach, and horse radish. Then of course we had to save room for deserts. … Read More

July 31 For lunch Tery, Domingo and I went to coffee café a little aways from grand central station. We all ordered a turkey burger with lettuce, cheese, grilled onions, and tomato with a side of herb fries. As we were waiting for our orders, Tery remember hearing that the restaurant was closed months ago. The bar tender gave us … Read More

fast food delivery in New York

Last night after coming home from an extra long day, Tery and I didn’t feel like we had enough energy to get ready and go out to a restaurant. So we ordered Chinese, and when you think fast delivery food you also think grease. We ordered sweet and sour chicken, jasmine rice, sesame seed noodles with peanut sauce, pork and … Read More