Food Fight

This is the best adaptation of a food fight I’ve ever seen! Created by TouristPictures on YouTube. After watching this I don’t think I’ll be eating hamburger again.

Park Avenue Bistro Hosts Food Blogger’s Dinner

It was a lovely evening with hosts Tim Brown, owner and eventeur of Park Avenue Bistro and Nancy Swiezy, personal relations and 1st generation internet entrepreneur. Executive Chef, Gonzalo Compos cooked up a delicious feast for New York’s most famous food bloggers. The evening started with puff pastry with caramelized onions and sardines with fresh basil, mini taco of tuna … Read More

Daily Eats: 2007 in Review

2007 was all about the dish. Daily Eats dished up some delicious and delightful eats. Thanks everyone for make 2007 wonderful and there’s lots of Daily Eats to explore for 2008! Happy Holidays! tags: Daily Eats, tery spataro

A Very Special Birthday Wish for Robert

From Across the big pond Pam and Daily Eats wish Robert a happy birthday from Citron on Columbus Avenue. If embedded video won’t play, click here to play

Riding the Bull – YouGo Girl

I had an early morning breakfast with Jen Nash. She told me she rode the bull the other night at Ideal Bite’s launch party at Johnny Utah’s. There’s this guy before her then Jen takes the reins.

New Area to Explore for Lunch

New York, New York – I recently changed my job I’m now on the west side in the 30’s more specifically Hell’s Kitchen also known as Clinton. Upper Hell’s Kitchen I’m completely familiar with but this is a totally new area for me.Today I order a tossed salad from Blue Rose on 8th Avenue and 38th Street. It was only … Read More

Duchess vs SuperDuper Winney

Fairfield, CT – Daily Eats was going through Connecticut on the hunt for hot dogs. We orginally wanted to stop at Superduper Winney but they were closed. We opted for the Duchess dining experience. tags: hot dogs, duchess, Daily Eats

BCA 4th Annual Global Food & Wine Experience

New York, New York – BCA 4th Annual Global Food and Wine Experience held at Tavern on the Green. BCA is dedicated to cultural and culinary education. Thursday night presented impressive gastronomic adventures. The tastes, scents, textures really awakened the senses! The different spices and herb mixtures made a wonderful melody of flavors. Over forty participates ranging from chefs, restaurateurs, … Read More

I’ll Have What He’s Having…

New York, New York – Dean Landsman invited me to meet him at Katz’s Deli. He wasn’t kidding when said Katz’s has the best pastrami in the world. It is lean, delicious and worth digging into. Dean also gave us the Katz’s deli history and who’s who of diners. BTW this is where the famous “When Sally Met Harry” scene … Read More

Lessons about Old World Delicacies

Greenport, LI – Elsie De Wolfe inspired many women to be perfect the hostess in her day. Today she inspired a conversation about old world delicacies. From tripe to cow’s brains to bull’s testicles. From Wikipedia:Rocky Mountain OystersTripe other sources: Cow’s Brains tags:daily eats, Elsie de Wolfe, bulls testicles, tripe