I’ll Have What He’s Having…

New York, New York – Dean Landsman invited me to meet him at Katz’s Deli. He wasn’t kidding when said Katz’s has the best pastrami in the world. It is lean, delicious and worth digging into. Dean also gave us the Katz’s deli history and who’s who of diners. BTW this is where the famous “When Sally Met Harry” scene … Read More

Lessons about Old World Delicacies

Greenport, LI – Elsie De Wolfe inspired many women to be perfect the hostess in her day. Today she inspired a conversation about old world delicacies. From tripe to cow’s brains to bull’s testicles. From Wikipedia:Rocky Mountain OystersTripe other sources: Cow’s Brains tags:daily eats, Elsie de Wolfe, bulls testicles, tripe

Prison Food Convention

Slate V – This video was brought to my attention by Bud Lavery. The story is brought to us by Slate V. The big take away is prison food has more nutritional requirements than our public schools require. Is there something very wrong here?Daily Eats on Prison Eats:Fine Dining at the Phoenix County Jail

A Tour and Review of Virgil’s BBQ in New York City

Click to Play Steve Eisenberg, Editorial Contributor for Dailyeats.com interviews Michael Honea, Assistant Director of Operations for the Alicart Restaurant Group and Corporate Executive Chef Chris O'Neill, also affiliated with the Alicart Restaurant Group and Virgil's BBQ.

Who is Daily Eats?

New York, New York – Daily Eats is a popular social media site that discusses all things food. Daily Eats is founded and registered in 2003 by Tery Spataro and Courtney Pulitzer. Our contributors are real people who have real opinions about all things food. Contributors are listed on the side bar of the dailyeats.com. There are some instances of … Read More

Hail to the Queen – LeftOverQueen

A true foodie would love bringing all foodies together. Hats off to JennDZ for figuring out how to make it so and putting together the foodie blog roll. Not only is she creative with technology and marketing but her site the LeftOverQueen is very delicious. Perhaps someday we can all get together for a meal. tags: foodie blog roll, daily … Read More

Twitter Sunny Side Up

Chicago, IL – Breakfast at the blogher conference with Aliza Sherman. I dined on eggs, mashed potatoes with corn flakes, sausages, and fruit while Aliza had her breakfast with twitter. tags: aliza sherman, daily eats, twitter, eggs sunny sideup

Food Bloggers Unite! in Chicago

Food bloggers met in Chicago at Blogher07. We dined on Chinese food and dished about our favorite daily eats. It was a truly delicious and delightful dinner. Dinner was arranged by Alanna Kellogg at Lao Sze Chuan. For me meeting food bloggers was the wonderfully fun. Lao Sze Chuan brought back memories of working in Chinese restaurant in New Haven. … Read More

What’s Your Favorite Daily Eats?

While in Chicago Daily Eats met Tajee, a podcaster from Japan. Tajee told us all about her favorite daily eats – humus. Amino-Tajee.com is Tajee’s blog about her adventures. She spent time with us in NYC.Tags: Tajee, blogher07, food bloggers, Humus, what’s your favorite daily eats

Finding Love in Lost – Fish Biscuits

While at the Blogher07 conference in Chicago I had a chance to meet Kat Markert the founder of KungFoodie.com. Kat confessed her love for Lost in honor of her love she made Lost Fish Biscuit Cookies. “Kung Foodies is a collection of serious, silly and slightly bizarre food things…” KungFoodie.com is a truly spectacular foodie blog. Tags: Kat Markert, blogher07, … Read More