Fearless Cooking: Parisian Pigeon

Fearless Cooking is awesome! I got to meet Grace Piper at Podcamp NYC. She’s great. Take a look at her Fearless Cooking show on Blip.TV.

Breakfast at Gracie Manison

I don’t usually arrive any where early but this was a special occasion. It was breakfast at Gracie Mansion and chit chat about New Media. Two out of three of my favorite subjects: breakfast and new media. I’m more about constructive chit chat not so much chatter. For some reason I had it in my head that breakfast was at … Read More

Peeps: The hottest Peeps page

I thought I saw everything but I guess not. Here’s a social media set all about peeps. Yes, the little yellow marshmellow candy birds.

Daily Eats Doing Lunch at Ikea

Daily Eats bloggers, Bud Lavery and Tery Spataro, do lunch at Ikea in Elizabeth, NJ. Yeah, they took the bus out there from Port Authority, NYC. They had a delicious and delightful lunch and did some serious shopping. This Daily Eats video cast was filmed with Flip Camera by Pure Digital.

Sweet Plátanos and Singing Fruit

Cute video from YouTube: tags: Classic Sesame Street, Muppets, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, fruit, Spanish bilingual, 1980’s, singing fruit, plátanos

Famous Fat Dave’s Five Borough Eating Tour

I was listening to WNYC NPR, Mark Phillips report this morning about “Famous Fat Dave Cab Driver Seeks the Valuable Food Tips“. This morning on NPR I heard the best story about a true food lover: Famous Fat Dave, who has a degree from NYU in History but chose to drive a cab. Dave Freedenberg discovered his love and passion … Read More

Carly’s Bistro – Downtown Phoenix Live Review

Listen to the live commentary from the best of downtown Phoenix, about their dining experience at Carly’s Bistro. Some great comments. Food was good, company awesome, music well… and much to my disappointment people were smoking, which kinds of ruins my dining experience. Try Carly’s Bistro on a non smoking day, do they have those day here in phoenix? 128 … Read More

Daily Eats: Interview Craig Kanarick

A very delicious interview with Craig Kanarick! After exciting years in the digital world, Craig tells us all about his cooking adventures at the Babbo, the City’s most extraordinary Italian restaurant. From his journey in cyberspace to the restaurant world Craig is now at the Rockwell Group extending and improving the world of experiencel design. Craig also reveals his love … Read More

Daily Eats: Food About Town Part II

August 1 Lunch with Steve Roberts at Barrio Cafe. This is a must visit place if you enjoy gourmet Mexican food. I totally enjoyed everything especially the unusual guacamole, which had cranberries. I would never have ventured this combination would be so good. August 3 Invite to lunch with at the Phoenix Ad Club. The buffet at the Phoenix Country … Read More

A Week of Daily Eats, Welcome Chef Anaya!

Have a listen: I’ve been out and about dining all over the Greater Phoenix Area. I did a lot of eating out last week. I started the week off with meeting Whitney Smith at Medizona in Scottsdale a favorite of mine. About a year ago I took Susan Hart to Medizona another Bay Area friend. Wednesday I had lunch at … Read More