Daily Eats: Food About Town Part II

August 1 Lunch with Steve Roberts at Barrio Cafe. This is a must visit place if you enjoy gourmet Mexican food. I totally enjoyed everything especially the unusual guacamole, which had cranberries. I would never have ventured this combination would be so good. August 3 Invite to lunch with at the Phoenix Ad Club. The buffet at the Phoenix Country … Read More

A Week of Daily Eats, Welcome Chef Anaya!

Have a listen: I’ve been out and about dining all over the Greater Phoenix Area. I did a lot of eating out last week. I started the week off with meeting Whitney Smith at Medizona in Scottsdale a favorite of mine. About a year ago I took Susan Hart to Medizona another Bay Area friend. Wednesday I had lunch at … Read More

Esther Dyson – Serious Food for Thinkers!

Jane Larson wrote a very compelling article in this past Sunday’s Arizona Republic on front-page (041005) illustrating why Arizona is losing ground in technology . Jane nails it nicely by listing the critical points of how a sector grows and provides insight in how to make it happen. It really is all about making those relationships and connecting to the … Read More

Mayor Phil Gordon – Creating the City of the Future

March 18, 2005 Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Lunch, Mayor Phil Gordon State of the City Address – It was a lovely Friday lunch with Mayor Phil Gordon and about 800 guests at the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix. I sat at table 40 along with attractive and well dressed Joanne Fried, from Uhaul, Richard Wherty, RC Wherty Construction, who has great … Read More

Holy Hostess Twinkie Sushi

Well I’m on a roll that would be sushi roll. Since Scott Ferguson introduced me to Spam Musubi, he started me thinking about unusual sushi rolls. Here’s one from Planet Twinkie that has most food bloggers giggling in tags. Especially, Boing Boing’s lovely, Xeni Jardin who posted Twinkie Sushi Party, Yay. Once you get over the ick factor, the aesthetics … Read More

PunditDrome Reveals Secrets of Spam Musubi

Daily Eats is honored to be among the admirable food bloggers on PunditDrome. PunditDrome’s excellent taste in food bloggers includes two of my favorites: Kiplog’s Food Blog and Gastronomie. We asked Scott Ferguson, of PunditDrome fame, what he likes to eat when he is blogging. Scott’s response in his own words will tickle your taste buds and intrigue your tummy: … Read More

Vegas or Bust, Baby – First Stop Oxygen Bar in the Stratosphere

I just landed in Vegas and I’m off and running. It is Bill Firing’s Fabulous Birthday Celebration and I’m happy to help celebrate! So, by pure chance I was in staying at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas and happened upon the Oxygen Bar. I heard a lot of hype about Oxygen Bars over the past couple of years. I always … Read More

From Crepes to Gates

The end of my New York trip comes full circle. Jane and I took the train into New York to meet up with Karen and Richard and see the Gates by Christo. I left Jane, Karen and Rich at Billy’s cupcake went to meet Jennifer Nash at LeGamin. We had a long discussion over hot chocolate and crepes. After crepes … Read More

New York My Kind of Town

After a long flight from Phoenix to New York I was back into the swing of the city. After being away for almost 6 months it was like riding a bike. I wanted to see all of my dear friends and looking to food, fun and culture. Tuesday evening I arrived in NYC my hometown. I met Karen at LeGamin … Read More


It’s the ultimate compliment when you blog a blogger and about that blogger’s food interest. To be blogged, by the ultimate blogger of all, Ms. Courtney Pulitzer, who co-conspired with Mark Jeffrey creating an intriguing eatable brew, Popcorn Chowder. I had to call Courtney when I received a copy of her newsletter “Courtney Pulitzer’s Cyber Scene” and thank her for … Read More