All Things Steak – grilling

From the New York Times videos “Mark Bittman, a k a The Minimalist, shows how to grill steaks“. This is a very helpful video for those of us who love to grill and want to learn more about grilling on charcoal with a gas grill.You can see the video here:, Mark. (2007). “All Things Steak”. New York

Aliza Sherman on Alaskan Dining

Aliza Sherman gives Daily Eats tips on Alaskan Dining while dining at the Food Bloggers Dinner in Chicago. It was to meetup with Aliza while she was at the Blogher07 conference. Tags: Aliza Sherman, blogher07, food bloggers, Alaskan Dining

Daily Eats Dinner with a Few Friends

For dinner, we met up with a few friends at haru a japanese cuisine place.Inside the decorations were awsome. If you like sushi this place is a must go place. And if your not there is much more to order. tags: porscha, daily eats dinner

Recipe for Beer Can Chicken

This is my dad’s favorite recipe for Beer Can Chicken. Bob Blumer has a great sense of humor and delivers an excellent recipe for beer can chicken. Here’s the video from the Daily Eats archives.

Daily Eats at Big Sky Modern Food, SLO, CA

After a morning of hiking along the beautiful hilly ocean coast in Los Osos, California a trio of us decided to drive down the road a bit to San Luis Obispo for lunch. San Luis is a wonderful college town in a beautiful part of the California central coast. Having spent 10 years in Madison, Wisconsin, both as a student … Read More

Cooking with Mike Meyers – La Cense Beef Filet

Click To Play Mike Meyers, CTO of NowPublic helps Daily Eats cook a fabulous dinner. Here’s our review of La Cense Beef Filet. Recipe for Herb Bernaise Sauce from tags: La Cense Beef

Sambuca – A Family (Friends) Style Experience

Last night we had a small gathering of friends and family at Sambuca on 72nd Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue. By the end of the evening all 8 of us were well feed. It was more than just the big bowls of Tuscan and Sambuca salad we shared it was the stimulating conversation. While passing around calamari … Read More

It’s a Lobster Day for Father’s Day

It was a couple of days before Father’s Day and my brother, Tom called to ask for suggestions on what to get our father. I came up with the usual let’s get dad a Home Depot card. Tom had a better idea. He was able to ship lobsters and mussels from Maine down to Phoenix. tags: Happy Father’s Day, lobster, … Read More

Tery’s Chicken Broccoli Cashews Onion Garlic

Dinner What to do with chicken, broccoli, cashew, onions, garlic? Dice the chicken, chop the broccoli, slice the onions, and crush the garlic. Put it in a pan with some olive oil, chili oil, lite soy sauce. Stir fry and eat. Add one cup of brown rice.