Christians for the Chocolate Jesus

photo credit: Massimo Gammacurta, for 1010WinsA good friend my mine called me a second ago. She was all excited and kept asking, “Did you see the chocolate Jesus?” She’s knows I’m a chocolate lover she also knows about my former Catholic upbringing, though I long since left the Church, I do admire the Elaine Pagels’s Jesus.

Being so intrigued and wondering, it is April 1st, could this be an April Fools Prank on this chocolate lover? I didn’t hear anything this morning on NPR and I listen religiously. I did some digging and found these articles on the chocolate Jesue also known as My Sweet Lord:

“With Jesus, Do You Eat The Ears First?” by Colin McEnroe, The Hartford Courant.

Fire Wasted to Melt Chocolate Jesus“, by The Christian Post

Chocolate Christ exhibition cancelled“, by Ed Pilkington in New York, The Guardian.

Is it so wrong that Jesus has a penis? or is there a problem with Jesus being chocolate?

I think Jesus would find the humor in the sweet edibleness of the body of Christ. I remember those horrible flat tasteless wafers given during Communion.

Photo courtesy of Massimo Gammacurta, article “Chocolate Jesus Exhibition Canceled” 1010 WINS AUDIO: Al Jones Reports.

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