Chubbie Duggie reports from Marco Island Fl

Having eaten more than my fair share of delectable chocolate morsels from Tery’s desk, I figured it was about time to live up to my end of the deal, and post something on the DE site. Besides, you don’t get the nickname “chubbie duggie” buy having an aversion to food…au contraire mon amies – je adore touts le cuisine…je sui une fanatique!.

So I have decided to make my first entry here about a restaurant I discovered over 20 years ago, but just had the pleasure of visiting again for the first time in 4 years. The name of the place is The Little Bar, and it is located in Goodland Florida, a stones’ throw from Marco Island Florida, where I took my wife and kids for spring break.

The Little Bar is known for a few things, it’s rustic ambiance (picture Hemingway sitting at a no-frills restaurant table in a rustic fishing village along a Florida river, and you get the picture), its conch fritters (deep fried to a golden brown perfection), fresh and tasty seafood. But the real reason to visit The Little Bar is the desserts: the chocolate peanut butter pie, which will make your eyes roll up into your head while your toes simultaneously curl into a foot-fist; and what may possibly be the worlds best key-lime pie. If you like key-lime pie (and I mean REALLY like key-lime pie) then figure out a reason to travel to Marco Island Florida (or Naples, which is about 15 miles away) and have a dinner or two at The Little Bar…you will remember it forever.

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