City of Lights by Melika Dannese Lux

I had the pleasure of reading Melika Dannese Lux’s first novel “City of Lights, the trial and triumphs of Ilyse Charpentier”. City of Lights is a lovely novel set in 1800’s Paris. Ilyse Charpentier, the heroine, is a beautiful young diva of Parisian cabaret. She shows us what it is to have courage to make change and sacrifice no matter how painful. This refreshing first novel by Melika Dannese Lux paints a beautiful picture of Paris at that point in time. It is as though Melika lived during this time her descriptions are vivid and beautiful.

I especially enjoyed the description of the lovely romantic dinner Ilyse has with her young suitor at ‘La Vue Doree’ at the Eiffel La Tour. This is a good old fashion romance novel and must read for all romantic types.

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