Daily Eats 2008 Review

<class=”msonormal”>In 2008, Daily Eats explored everything from hot dogs (there were a few hot wars over best of the hot dogs), to the fine fine art of fine art dining. It was a good year for a variety of foods in 2008. This was the year SPAM resurfaced as the caviar of hard times. NYC restaurant owners reached out to bloggers. Even Blake the Cat had an opinion on eating.

You can say 2008 was the best of times and the worst of times.

Perhaps in 2009, we will see resurgence in dining at home, and the home dinner parties where friends will take turns cooking meals for each other to save on the cost of food. In which good neighbors will bake an extra casserole for a neighbor who may need it. Or provide a meal for a homeless person.

In 2009, we all know we are all in this together so faster we realize our strength is in helping each other the faster this economic crisis will be over.

I will look forward to reporting for Daily Eats on all sorts of types of food events from my new location, Chicago.

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