Daily Eats Breakfast: Norma’s Zillion Dollar Breakfast

Midtown Manahattan, NY I had breakfast this morning at Norma’s at the Parker Meridien. I love Norma’s and been going there since the mid 90’s. I confess it’s been a couple of years since my last visit. When I arrived the dining area was the same wonderful light airy atmosphere I remember so well. The host and wait staff always so charming and pleasant. I sat among a variety of beautifully dressed people speaking various languages and in English with lovely accents. Oh I was in heaven surrounded by fine looking men dressed in Paul Smith suits, Thomas Pink shirts, and Ferragamo shoes.

Norma’s is the place for the tantalizing breakfast. Known for unusual blends of herbs and spices, Norma’s chefs take the usual and make it special. Like the eggs Florentine sautéed spinach, smoked apple wood bacon with fingerling potatoes and the Arepa with Columbian corn cake and eggs sunny side. I did desire the Chocolate Decadence French Toast covered in strawberries, pistachios and Valrhona Chocolate Sauce but held back making plans for a return for a late brunch on the weekend for that item.

But much to my surprise, or I just don’t recall from my earlier days visit, was listing on the menu for the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata.Super Size 10oz Sevruga Caviar is $1000 would you dare to expense this? My mouth gaped as I gawked at the price. Norma’s does a lovely tasty breakfast. Well I’ll have to return some day with my fine man dressed in his Paul Smith suit, Thomas Pink shirt with Ferragamo shoes and 8 figure income for that brunch treat.

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