Daily Eats: Chocolate Review: McIntyres Candies

Gabcast! Daily Eats Food Lover’s Blog #9

Live phone blogging by Tery Spataro.

Episode #9 includes:
Special Thanks to Gabcast and Jason Becker.
Appreciation for American Express and Bella Cuba.

McIntyres Candies - Yum, the aroma is delightful.Review of McIntyres Candies: 2lb. box of McIntyres chocolates including Marshmallow Dark Chocolate, Crispy Bark (dark chocolate), and Non-Parells (dark chocolate).

Thanks to Team EEK for Jimmy Gimmy The Raid on Burkey Run. I let Team EEK know I am an official Goof for almost eating all of the chocolates before Easter arrived.

Daily Eats next podcasts:
Shahpar Shahpar’s Biltmore Happy Hour this evening.
I will be podcasting Sunday my father cooking Easter dinner.
I wonder what he got himself into this time.

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