Daily Eats New York to New Haven

7:30am breakfast with fabulous and handsome Terance Bogan. What a total delight, what a yummy treat to meet with Terance at the Hudson Hotel Cafeteria. Family style dining with lots of European attitude is the atmosphere at Cafeteria. The coffee was rich, my bagel and cream cheese served with tomato great. It was the exciting and engaging conversation with Terance that was the most enjoyable of all.

After breakfast I caught the 9:07am to New Haven to see my Grandmother, Grace Ricciardi and my close friend Jane.

I arrived in Laurel Gardens where my grandmother lives. She already arranged our lunch in the main dining room. My grandmother is looking great for age 91. We had an enjoyable lunch of salmon salad, mushroom soup and pepper and eggs. For dessert Grace had pound cake and I had the apple crisp. We had a delightful conversation about how much I travel and my grandmother’s latest art pieces.

my grandmother

After I saw my grandmother I met Jane. I’ve known Jane for over 21 years. Jane is an accomplished artist and successful promoter of the Connecticut Folk Festival. I was staying the evening at Jane’s wonderful tutor home. We dined at Istanbul, my favorite Turkish restaurant located in New Haven.

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