Daily Eats Salty Senorita(s), Scottsdale

Pucker up … The margaritas are salty and strong at both locations of the Salty Senorita in Scottsdale, AZ.

My first trip to the North Scottsdale scene followed an afternoon of helping a friend move. It was the week of this location’s grand opening and like its sister site in South Scottsdale, the crowd was steady and the atmosphere jovial. But the best part in both locations is the staff. In both locations, you’ll find the staff helpful, chatty and good-spirited — worthy of good tips!

My latest visit was also memorable because of the inspiring conversation and company. There are those people in one’s life who move us to think about and experience life in new ways. My friend Scott is one such person.

For nearly a year, Scott has felt a call to live a more meaningful life and undertook a soul searching expedition which culminated in our recent evening together. Little did I know that I would be finally learning that the real reason he sold his house. In listening to his intuition and inner voice, Scott decided to leave his well-paying job to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Katrina Relief effort … for the next year. Wow!!

Cheers to Scott and best wishes for serving your inner voice and giving of yourself to make the world a little better for others in need!

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