Dijon on Your Burger President Obama?

pettie abeille Funny thing about this whole uproar of whether to use dijon mustard or ketchup on your burger is just a matter of freedom of taste. If you are a traditional you’ll probably stick with what’s traditional – ketchup. Nothing wrong with a ketchup on your burger. But if you’re willing to be flexible and try something for instance to spice it up you’ll almost certainly reach for some mustard. Nothing like changing things up.

President Obama originally asked for spicy mustard. Btw Dijon is not exactly spicy there are some German mustard’s that are extremely spicy. But Dijon on a cheddar cheese burger will add that certain flavor that only a cheese burger loving Dijon mustard using eater of well done burgers could appreciate.

I praise the President for being bold in his choice and showing us all there is more than ketchup choose from, giving us innovative thinking!

I personally love grilled onions, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and I enjoy my French fries with mayo, pass the Grey Poupon so that I can put swipe my grilled bun with some Dijon.

What do you know Kraft put out a press release asking President Obama is he would pardon Dijon Loving Americans.

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