Elvis is Alive and Well In Gilbert, AZ

I decided we needed to break out of our comfort zone and investigate the other side of the Phoenix tracks and go to Gilbert, AZ. My mom mentioned a section of Gilbert she wanted to explore. She had eyed a little store on the corner of Williams Field and Higley Roads called Country Casa. Do not let looks dictate your judgement, this is an interesting corner of the world where real Southwestern Mexican diner meets true artisanship of the Country Casa.

We walked into the store and immediately were pleasantly surprised at the craftsmanship of the furniture. Country Casa quickly became filled with our oos and ahhs as our eyes took in the various pieces of handmade customized furniture. The kitchen show pieces were of exquisite designs and masterful carpentry from cabinetry to wine rack. Country Casa owned by Syliva Babbitt in business for over 12 years is a lovely highlight to the Gilbert Community. Beth gave us the low down and tour of various materials used in the furniture created from wood to wrought iron. They will work with you on creating the best piece to fit your lifestyle. Do check out their collection of unique Southwest and Mexican Arts and Crafts.

We left the wonderful quaintness of the Country Casa to head over to the ostentatious Walmart. Whoa! I was exhausted as soon as I walked through the entranceway. The Gilbert Walmart is as big as a football field. Being a New Yorker I’m use to small grocery stores. I was lost in and frightened by the wide-open space. I had to get out of there fast!

The whole Walmart experience left me feeling hungry. We decided to go to the center of Gilbert for dinner. Ending up at Hearthrob Music Café. I was skeptical, any place that has brightly colored signage advertising what’s inside is usually indicates that the inside may not be so great.

It appears this may be the local Gilbert hangout. At Hearthrob Music Café Elvis is alive and well in Gilbert, AZ. While waiting for our table I noticed they were serving popovers with dinner. I asked Fabello if they are homemade. Fabiello, sweet hostess quickly retrieved a popover sample. Hmm it was good. Shortly after tasting the popover are table was ready. We sat in the bar, lucky for me there is no smoking in Phoenix, and thank goodness for I am an asthmatic.

I split the sampler appetizer between my mom and dad. It good but not great. Mom liked the shrimp and dad says it wasn’t bad. While waiting for our salads my wine arrived. Much too my disappointment this wasn’t Goiya South African Merlot I ordered instead it was the Australian Rosemont Merlot. Being wine knowledgeable and having tasted the fruit of several types of imported South African wines I truly know the difference. Goyia Merlot is rich in its mixture of grape and berries with a hint of chocolate. I was surprised that it wasn’t brought to my attention or the attention of Sara our dining host. Though I have a feeling Sara may have been too overwhelmed by the very busy super crowd to do proper due diligence.

Beer battered shrimp which my dad ate was good and tasty. Trio of Crab my mom and I split. It was a Zen experience with the struggle between snapping and cracking the crab’s hard exterior. As much as Heartrob claims the crab is always fresh I have to admit it just didn’t appear that way. Between the two of us we had one fresh piece of crabmeat. While all of the other crabmeat was dry and would flake apart. Sweet potato fries were indeed sweet.

Onto dessert. The 6 Layer Chocolate Cake is not as legendary as the well known artists (Clapton and Collins) on the video screen. It really did not do it for me in that great chocolate kind of way. I still think the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had is at Ruby Foo’s in New York’s Time Square.

As far as Heartrob is concerned, it’s a great place for a fun time, but don’t take the food too seriously.

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