Food Bloggers Unite! in Chicago

Food bloggers met in Chicago at Blogher07. We dined on Chinese food and dished about our favorite daily eats. It was a truly delicious and delightful dinner.

Dinner was arranged by Alanna Kellogg at Lao Sze Chuan. For me meeting food bloggers was the wonderfully fun.

Lao Sze Chuan brought back memories of working in Chinese restaurant in New Haven. The Ma Po Dofu was very good. This version was done vegetarian style. Traditional is made with minced pork, and hot black bean sauce.

Meet the Food bloggers:

Lisa Anali –

Tanya Taylor –

Joanna Miller –

Katie Khoury –

Gemma Petrie –

Terry Boyd –

Jane Goldman –

Elise Bauer –

Nicole Hamaker –

Genie Gratto –

Kat Markert –

Shuna Fish Lydon –

Claire Blaustein –

Lauren Perdue –

Tery Spataro and Aliza Sherman –

Katie Lindgren and Michael Rank –

Janice McDermott –

Susan Voisin –

Nupur Kittur –

Anne-Marie Nichols –

Kalyn Denny –

Jasmine –

Ruth Daniels –

Alanna Kellogg –

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