Food Imitates Art

It was a wonderful slightly chilly evening for a stroll through Scottsdale’s finest galleries. Before strolling it dining before dining we had libations at Kazimierz, the wine bar. Though not drinking much at all these days I still couldn’t resist a place with atmosphere. Kazimierz is more than just a great list of wines it’s a romantic mysterious nook hidden off the beaten track in Old Town section of Scottdale. I took my parents out for the evening, which is always a challenge because of various dietary constraints, but this evening was full of surprises.

After Kazimierz we dined at Cowboy Ciao. Yes, that’s Cowboy Ciao u’all. They don’t mess around; the beginning of the menu starts you off right with the desserts. You work your way through to another menu with 2,300 wines from various parts of the world.

Cowboy Ciao doesn’t have servers that just wouldn’t be a proper dining experience. They have instigator and instigate is exactly what David Winstein did. This would be my first experience with an empathic Epicurean of gastronomy. He is blessed with understanding nutrient needs. When it came to the beverage decision my father, the most difficult to please couldn’t understand why there wasn’t any Budweiser on the menu. David quickly came to the rescue with a Polish beer, Okacim larger, OK for short. “Not bad”, was the comment from my father. When my parents rate something as “not bad” that is their seal of approval for really good.

Dinner began with Stetson Chopped Salad with smoked salmon, and Rock Shrimp Bruschetta. An amazing mixture of sensuous tastes! To my surprise they gave us the recipe for the salad! As Nancy came by to clear the table she was shocked at how quickly we finished “Did you breathe?” she asked. It was so good, why let it linger?

Main entrees were Stuffed Pork Rib Chop with Blue Cheese and Savory Bread Pudding and Slow Roasted Spare Ribs with Cherry Barbecue Sauce. David matched the Stuffed Pork Rib Chop perfectly with a white burgundy, Rully, Chartron et Trebuchet 2002. The dinner was very yummy and filling. I’m glad my mother and I split a plate. Dessert was a delightful Chocolate PotPie with Chili Gelato, and that certainly was the big finish!

After a thoroughly tasty artistic dining experience we truly needed a walk. We started out by jumping on the Trolley, which dropped us off at Main Street. Our first gallery hop was Chiaroscuro. The pieces were decorative and well defined. I especially liked Paula Roland’s work. As we walked along Main Street the next gallery I noted similarities in the fine art pieces. There is a limit on the risk taking in art scene in Scottsdale, which accounts for many clinging to old style masters or western genre. They have an understanding of their customer and know what will sell base.

I met Jeff Dippo’ at American Fine Art Editions. We had a very clever conversation about Salvador Dali. I enlightened him to a technique Dali used to know he entering dream-state. Balancing a shot glass on his palm and when the glass fell off his hand and broke on the floor Dali knew he was asleep and would begin painting. Learned this from my dear friend, Peter Weller. Jeff in return tied to persuade me to buy a Dali. I’ll think about that I thought to myself.

As we strolled up Main Street to Marshall there was music in the air with live bands playing. It was fun festive. We made our way to a few more galleries. Willow Gallery was the more romantic of each piece the flavored was lovely and beautiful. Subjects were with ballet dancers, nudes, and landscapes rich in color. That wasn’t a southwestern accent I heard coming from gallery owner, Shaun Alderman it is British. I had a lovely conversation with Shaun regarding Northern England and Pam Riding who lives there.

My overall experience was most enjoyable! I urge you to join me in my adventure in Phoenix. Next writings will consist of meeting local artists, Dr. Joe Dispenza from film “What the Bleep Do We Know”, the classic car show, and meeting Mary Lou Quinlan at her book signing in Phoenix. Stay clicked-in for the best of the desert. Yes, I have made Phoenix my new home. There are lots of opportunities here and I’ll be your guide.

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