Food is Fuel

I was having a conversation with Perhi Colombatto the over day. Actually she called me from Hawaii the day it snowed there. Perhi and I have been friend since my grad school days at Pratt in NYC in 1986. She wanted to know what I was up to these days. That usually meant am I doing anything creative. Well, now I have a good story to tell her, “I blogging for food.” Perhi took a deep sigh I could see her doing this before she began to lecture me, ‘You know, Food is like fuel.”

She’s right we all need to survive. Like petroleum for cars human bodies need food. As she said that, I thought of the millions of men, women and children who don’t have food, starving to death. We have such abundance and most of us have been very generous. I encourage you to look to The World Hunger Organization to learn how to help to reduce hunger.

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