French Dining at Christopher’s

There’s nothing like a great conversation over excellent cuisine. I was invited by Dr. Robert Levit to dine with him at Christopher’s Fermier Brasserie. Dr. Levit is deciding to move from New York City where every kind of is at your fingertips to Phoenix where you are more than an arm length away.

He choice Christopher’s and I am a big fan of French cuisine. Last spring while in London I had to take the train to Paris for one meal at my favorite brasserie in Paris Nord. You can’t go wrong with in Paris. I was skeptical of a French restaurant in Phoenix. Ok I know Phoenix has come a long way.

We shared the arugula salad with Roquefort, pears and walnuts and discussed what the transition would like from living the high life as a Manhattanite to becoming a Phoenician. A decision to leave the comfort zone of the best city in the world to pioneer an up-and-coming city is truly a personal one. I noticed the Roquefort cheese blended nicely with the balsamic vinegar dressing. Not leaving my tongue too drenched with acidity. Dr. Levit was impressed by Andy, our dining host’s selection of wine. Andy choose a deep red wine with enough power to send a lovely aroma across the table to me. I’m still not drinking because Phoenix has the strictest drinking and driving laws in country. I play it safe unless someone else is my chauffeur. That was another point I shared with Robert. Manhattan has the connivance of taxis, subway or bus to get you home safely after a night out.

Over dinner we discussed Mesopotamia, hot spot for society’s origins. Dr. Levit dined on truffle infused filet mignon and I on rack of lamb with rosemary jus. The menu was awesome and had notations referring to Kronos guidelines for optimal health and Mack Newton Approved 3-2 Eating Plan. My lamb was great though I wish I had chosen the gratin of potato instead of the pommes frites.

For that extra special dessert if you are a chocolate fan, like I am I suggest Hot and Cold Assortment of Chocolate. Robert ordered the Creme Brulee though the custard was a little too thick like pudding. For full French dining effect that will induce multitude of conversational levels I say Christopher’s does it for me.

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