Friends United through Love of Food

My romance of food started with my family. I remember the love of making home made pastas, rich tomato sauces, and sausages. When I lived in New York my roommate, Caroline, turned me on to sushi. Caroline has great tastes in NY restaurants and throwing extravagant parties. It all became a ritual for me a celebration of great eats. My tastes are wide and deep!

But it was Courtney Pulitzer that added the pleasure to dining experience. We always met interesting men while sipping champagne and eating very yummy desserts served by sexy John Lee of Capitale. Favorite places include Capitale, Blue Hill, and New Leaf. Jennifer Nash made breakfasts adventuresome always an 7am wake up call and off to chocolate chip pancakes at Georginos Country Grill! While Jane and Bud added special taste to a wonderful Turkish find in New Haven, Istanbul Cafe. Renee Edelman would always give a call when in Hell’s Kitchen for a dinner at Wondee’s on 9th Avenue. Funky Broome is a favorite share of Ellen Sragow and Alphonse van Woerkom. Meeting Mike Meyers for a delicious lunch at Vento. I could never forget the marvelous dinners at Druids with Pam Riding. And lovely warm dinner at Vice Verse with an old friend.

It’s not just the experience of eating great tasting food, it’s the full experience of dining, the atmosphere, great conversation and great friends who celebrate the trials and tribulations of life and the universe.

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