Happy Easter Live from Whispers Cafe Chicago

I’m enjoying my Easter not traditional but more of a Zen tradition. I took a casual stroll down State Street, Chicago collecting my thoughts – it was a rough week for me. But the bright sun and brisk air helped me out of my anger and depression. There’s nothing I can do about the past but learn and create a better future.

Whispers Cafe Foam PaintingAs I got further to the intersection of State, Maple and Cedar where there is this lovely park. I stopped and am now sitting in the sun. Whispers Cafe provided me with a moment of creativity. I was dazzeled by Musf, owner of Whispers, paintings on the foam of lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos. Then I woke up and realized simplicity is truly smart, simple is the way to go, simple is a sign of higher intelligence.

My rebirth and revelation helped me get home and prepared me for my road ahead.

Whispers Cafe

1031 N State St
ChicagoIL 60610

(312) 787-5478

(312) 787-5498

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