Healthy Holiday Breakfast Recipe

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Holiday Breakfast

(1 serving)

1/2 cup 1 minute Quaker Oats (follow the directions)
1 tablespoon Raisins
1 tablespoon Crushed Walnuts
1 teaspoon Honey

There’s something to the first meal of the day. I try hard not to miss
. I am usually running for something and only have minutes to make something good to eat in the morning. This mixture only takes 2 minutes to make. Follow the directions for 1-Minute Quaker Oats. While it’s still on the stove add 1 tablespoon of raisins, crushed walnuts and honey. It’s really yummy and You’re set to go for the morning!

Oatmeal is healthy. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays! from one foodie to all foodies,

Happy Holidays - Daily Eats

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