I had a Dream of Halibut

My friend, artist, Alphonse vanWoerkom, emailed me the other day with this delicious recipe he had a dream about:

It was true, I dreamed this recipe and decided to make it the next day. My friend Anton, he of the silver tongue, called me the” Martin Luther King of the kitchen”, due to the fact that “I had a dream”.

Halibut is one of the rarer fish, stocks are gone because of overfishing in the areas were it was once plentiful. The recipe did call for Halibut, dream or no dream… Citirella had it at $34 a pound!!! Got it anyway.

I gently soaked inner grape leaves for a minute or two in broth. Then I wrapped the steamed Halibut in grape leaves with a dab of Dijon mustard. Then gently tied the Halibut grape leaf package with strings of leek. I served my dream fish with little red potatoes with rosemary, and Ellen‘s favorite, sweet peas.

Here is a photo/ Love Alphonse Oh, yes mustard sauce over the Halibut package.

Alphonse this looks amazing! I heard is tastes a great as it looks.

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