If you love Houstons …

Go to the original, instead of another one of it’s knockoffs, like the new White Chocolate Grill. I was sadly dragged there for my birthday – as I already had read a bad review and letters supporting the review – and it comes down to this: I give them a year.

Why? Too sparse a restaurant. The tables are set too far apart, if there were tables, but it’s all booths only. Way too much wasted space. Semi-competent wait staff, with a limited knowledge of the menu and the restaurant itself. Sorry, if there is a plaque on the restaurant noting that it is in memory of someone, should not the wait staff, hostesses, and managers – or at least one of them – know what the story is behind the memorial?

So, the other issue is when you walk in and you hear other patrons say “oh, this is part of Houstons” – um, no, it’s just another half-assed copy of the menu.

Well, if I was in the mood for Houston’s, I would go there with a better menu. My choice for the night was the prime rib dip. The high point – after having to ask three times for it – was the horseradish. It was real. The prime dip was acceptable, but no reason to go back. The rest of the people enjoyed their meals, but did not enjoy them enough to say “yes, I have to come back” but more along the lines of “not worth the pain of coming to the Scottsdale 101 with not enough parking, unless I was going to a movie at Cine Capri” … if then.

Plus, I despise white chocolate, and that was what the desert menu was. So much for a birthday cake….

On a scale out of ten … I’d rank WCG a solid four.

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