It’s Easter – a Time for Rebirth and new beginnings

Aha rebirth I know what that’s all about. There was a time when I looked forward to Easter – mom’s Easter dinner was always so delicious. We would have ham, mashed potatoes, antipasto, Easter bread, ricotta cake with little slices of sausage. All the chocolate bunnies you could eat and more. The candy would last for weeks and weeks.

There was a time when we all looked forward to that time. But today I am on the East Coast and everyone is west. Times have changed. Mom, Dad, Joanne and Scott are in Vegas for Easter. Tom went hiking somewhere in San Diego. I slacked for most of the day watching old TV shows on of course I posted reviews as I watched why else watch?

Honestly, I only slacked for 6 hours and I cleaned the house from top to bottom, did about 3 hours of work —sent resumes out because I’m looking for a new start a rebirth—I want to use the magic of my digital marketing skills to benefit a CPG company or digital content provider/media property. Social media is the way to go that’s where I want to be. By the way if you haven’t already you should read my white paper on “everything your brand needs to know about social media, but was afraid to ask”. BTW thanks Alex Knoll for you great editing skills!

I did manage to order dinner from Brother Jimmy’s. I had sweet tea, shrimp plo boy, collard greens, bbq baked beans, and macaroni and cheese and topped it off with Mississppi Mud Pie. Ok it was a little over the top but delicious! I used to order. The order came quicker than I expected but it was missing the sweet tea and baked beans. When I called Brother Jimmy’s this nice lady promptly had my missing items delivered.

Happy Easter! I hope you consumed all the delicious and scrumptious chocolate bunnies you possibly could.

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