Jani Chinese & Japanese Cuisine

Jani is a Chinese and Japanese restaurant with themed interior. Jani is located in Milford, CT. I had the pleasure of dining there with Joyce and Elaine. The food nice not overwhelming with spice as some Chinese restaurants tend to be. I enjoyed the chicken with hoisin sauce and beef scallions with wraps. We tried the cold sesame noodles. I am spoiled by my humble beginnings; when I was a kid I worked on New Haven’s Blessings, who was well known for slightly spicy cold sesame noodles. Jani noodles deliver if you didn’t know the difference, meaning they’re still enjoyable and satisfying.

I was disappointed by the soft shell crab. It was very fishy tasting and a little too salty over all. After all if given a choice of sauce and picked the oyster sauce which could have added to the saltiness of the soft shell crab.

Nevertheless Jani’s service is super and the interior is like a museum with both Chinese and Japanese artifacts from bowls to tea service. I enjoyed the atmosphere, food and especially the conversation with my mother and aunt.

187 Cherry Street
Milford, CT 06460
phone: 203-874-1199

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