La Calabria Ristorante – Gilbert, AZ

My father knows Southern Italian better than I do. His family is from Calabria. It was a no brainer for him to want to try La Calabria – we tried it several times. I was there about a week ago. It’s hard to find good Italian food in the desert. This is where La Calabria comes in, as my father stated this is homestyle Calabrian cooking. La Calabria is a mom pop restaurant owned by Clara and Giovanni Spadaro. The atmosphere is friendly, warm and comfortable.

My father always orders the ravioli. We always get the calamari for an appetizer split. Both are delicious. I had the Salmone Piccatta with broccoli with fresh garlic and roasted potatoes. I had a choice of soup, salad, or pasta. I of course choice the pasta. Salmone Piccatta had a buttery lemon flavor that I fell in love with. My meal was super! I only wish I had room for the Tiramisu but will save that for my next visit.

This is the one restaurant my father feels a longing for when he wants Italian food and my mother is not in the mood for cooking.

La Calabria Ristorante
Phone: (480) 726-3537
1534 E Ray Road
Gilbert, AZ 8529

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