Last Call

noose Eggs, bacon, fried green tomatoes, pineapple with mayonnaise, white bread, a banana, and a medium-sized V-8 juice probably wouldn’t strike most people as a dream dinner. But if you’re a death row inmate and looking to your last meal, it just might be. At least that was on the menu for Alabama’s James Hubbard just prior to his execution in August of 2004.

This and other killer meals can be found at, a chronicle of the final requests of executed prisoners from around the country. To no surprise, a great many of these last meals read like Elvis’s regular diet: vast quantities of grilled meats, pizza, fried chicken and Coke. But there are surprises here as well: local Chinese take-out, fried bologna and after dinner mints. At least one prisoner, David Clayton Hill of South Carolina, had the sense to request a bottle of Dom Perignon, although it was declined. Most impressively, of all the condemned prisoners chronicled here, at least a third requested vegetables or a salad (proving that just because you’re eating on the run, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat a balanced meal).

Who says wishes can’t come true?

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