Let Her Eat Chocolate Cake!

Market Cafe 10018 Chocolate CakeI went to Market Café for the first time. I read about the quality of food from this Hell’s Kitchen eatery. I also heard about the service. Despite the pros and cons I wanted to experience this for myself, this is my neighborhood after all.

First Market Café is all about the food and the food is awesome. I had the fresh fish of the day which was Tilapia with golden potatoes and green beans. It was great!

Since this is a neighborhood place the service is the same service you expect from a “hometown” diner, waiter tries to make small talk and has to manage all the tables in the restaurant.

But Daniel was full of surprises. When I ordered the chocolate cake I was expecting “just” a slice of chocolate cake nothing exceptional. When Daniel finally brought me the chocolate cake, suspected they were still baking the cake when I ordered it, I gasped, it was the biggest slice of chocolate cake I’ve ever seen. So big even I was embarrassed.

The table next to mine sat four, one of the gentlemen, Richard Schoeller, offered to help with the cake if I joined his table. It was all kind of magical. There is something about chocolate cake which makes most people smile and something about a big slice of chocolate cake which makes most people want to help dig in. I loved to offer to share.

The chocolate cake lived up to my expectations of delicious cake. Go to Market Café go there to relax and enjoy the food, remember relax and enjoy! And try the chocolate cake with a friend or two.
Market Cafe
496 9th Ave
New York, NY 10018
(212) 967-3892‎

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